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Jaw Surgery in Delhi, India

Jaw surgery, scientifically termed Orthognathic surgery, emerges as a transformative intervention addressing irregularities within the jawbone structure. This intricate procedure aims not only to enhance the functional aspects of the jaw, chin, and teeth but also endeavours to redefine facial aesthetics. Our expert surgeons at SB Aesthetics provide a result-oriented and the most effective Jaw Surgery in India. The most suitable technique is used by our experts after a thorough evaluation. 

What is the Need for Jaw Surgery?

At SB Aesthetics, we consult various patients who are ideal candidates for jaw surgery based on their different needs and goals. Identifying the needs of the patient is a must to provide the best jaw surgery in Delhi. Some of the situations when this surgery is needed are:

  • The need for such surgery often stems from inherent genetic predispositions, yet environmental factors such as prolonged childhood habits (e.g., thumb sucking or mouth breathing) can also contribute to jaw irregularities. 
  • A spectrum of jaw misalignments may necessitate orthognathic surgery, with prevalent examples including:
    • Overbite: the overbite, where the upper jaw protrudes significantly more than the lower jaw, 
    • Underbite: the underbite is characterized by the lower jaw projecting excessively forward, and
    • Open Bite: the open bite, is a condition where the upper and lower teeth fail to meet upon mouth closure. 
  • Beyond cosmetic considerations, indications for jaw surgery encompass symptoms like chronic jaw pain (TMJ), severe headaches accompanied by jaw pain, dry mouth, chronic mouth breathing, obstructive sleep apnea, facial injuries, and difficulties in biting, chewing, or swallowing. 
  • Moreover, individuals may seek this intervention due to the inability to close their lips without strain or congenital birth defects. 

To discuss your concerns or to find out more about the best jaw surgery in India, book a consultation with the expert surgeon of SB Aesthetics, an advanced plastic surgery clinic. 

Types of Unique Jaw Surgery in Delhi, India at SB Aesthetics

Diverse types of corrective jaw surgery in India at SB Aesthetics exist to address specific issues. 

A) Maxillary Osteotomy

Maxillary Osteotomy or upper jaw surgery is the best upper jaw surgery in Delhi, India done at SB Aesthetics. It involves the removal and realignment of the upper jawbone, often rectifying a severely receded upper jaw. The procedure involves incisions in the gums above the upper jaw teeth, followed by the meticulous repositioning of the upper jaw, secured in place with titanium screws and metal plates. 

B) Mandibular Osteotomy or Lower Jaw Surgery

Conversely, Mandibular Osteotomy is an advanced lower jaw surgery in Delhi, India done at SB Aesthetics that targets the lower jaw. It is done for the correction of the lower jaw position based on the patient's bite alignment. Lower jaw surgery is commonly used to rectify underbites. 

C) Genioplasty

Genioplasty, a distinct facet of jaw surgery, focuses solely on chin correction. This procedure, performed from inside the mouth, facilitates advancements, pushbacks, lateral adjustments for asymmetry, and vertical changes to elongate or shorten the chin. 

D) SARME Jaw Surgery

For specific cases, Jaw Widening Surgery, known as SARME, proves beneficial. This procedure is essential for adults or teenagers with a narrow upper jaw where facial growth is complete. SARME not only enhances nasal airway function, mitigating issues like snoring and sleep apnea but also contributes to an improved smile and facial appearance through the definition of cheekbones. 

What are the Risks Involved in Jaw Surgery?

Despite the transformative potential of jaw surgery, it is not without risks. Complications such as blood loss, infection, nerve injury, relapse, bite problems, and the potential need for further surgery or root canal therapy on selected teeth may arise. 

However, when performed by an experienced maxillofacial surgeon, often in collaboration with an orthodontist, the procedure is generally safe. To ensure maximum safety you can get the best jaw surgery in India at our advanced plastic surgery clinic SB Aesthetics.

What does the Recovery of Jaw Surgery look like?

Getting excellent outcomes comes with comprehensive guidelines. Thus, experts at our clinic best tips for jaw surgery recovery in Delhi, India. Our patients are advised to follow below mentioned tips:

  • Post-surgery, patients usually return home the next day, but complete bone healing takes approximately six to eight weeks. During this recovery period, rest is important, and interference with the healing process should be avoided. 
  • Discomfort and soreness are expected in the initial weeks, with swelling subsiding after about three weeks. 
  • Dietary adjustments are imperative post-surgery. A liquid or semisolid diet, comprising soups, smoothies, mashed potatoes, and ice cream, is recommended for the first six to eight weeks. Once the jaw has fully healed, normal eating patterns can be resumed. 

To get personalised tips for jaw surgery recovery in India, book a consultation with our expert surgeons now. 

What is the Jaw Surgery Cost in India?

Considering the complexity and specialized nature of jaw surgery, the jaw surgery cost in Delhi, India or elsewhere varies significantly. Factors influencing the cost include:

  • the type of surgery, 
  • pre-operative planning, 
  • anaesthesia duration,
  • additional investigations, 
  • surgeon's fee, and facility fees. 

It is essential for individuals considering jaw surgery to consult with professionals to gain a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, potential risks, and associated costs. To know the exact jaw surgery cost in Delhi, book a consultation at our advanced plastic surgery clinic, SB Aesthetics now!

To get any of your concerns treated with Jaw Surgery, book an appointment with our expert Maxillofacial surgeon for advanced jaw surgery in Delhi, India at SB Aesthetics now!

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