Laser Toning

Laser Toning

Enhance your skin tone and add a youthful glow with laser toning treatment in Gurgaon performed at SB Aesthetics. The treatment is popular as it targets various skin cosmetic issues safely using laser heat and in just a few sessions one can get the desired results with this amazing treatment.

Laser toning is a non-ablative laser therapy used by aestheticians to address a variety of cosmetic skin concerns. These include imperfections of skin tone and texture because of ageing and environmental stresses like pollution, sun’s UV rays, smoke, and everyday exposure to dirt, dust, etc.

Targeted concerns:

Laser toning is a most sought-after cosmetic procedure for the treatment of:

  • Pigmented-related skin concerns like melasma, freckles, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, sun spots, birthmarks, ageing, or dark spots
  • Rosacea or skin redness
  • Acne or chickenpox scars
  • Open pores
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dry and droopy eyelid skin
  • Sagging skin
  • Under-eye dark circles and under-eye bags.

If one wants to get rid of skin pigmentation and darkening in Gurgaon they can get it treated with laser toning skin brightening treatment at SB Aesthetics.
Benefits of laser toning

  • An effective, non-surgical technique to treat pigmentation from top to deeper skin layers
  • Stimulates collagen regeneration- Collagen is a skin structural protein that keeps intact the skin’s youthful appearance i.e. glowing, supple, and plump skin. It stimulates elastin production to maintain the skin’s elasticity.   
  • Safe, painless, and effective therapy for all skin types
  • Use of low-fluence laser- Such laser doesn’t cause destruction or death of melanocytes (pigment-producing cells) so there is a significantly reduced chance of recurrence of pigmentation post-treatment.  
  • Restore the natural healing ability of the skin
  • Promotes constriction of blood vessels and their functioning
  • Instant and easy technique with no extensive downtime; candidates can return home immediately after the treatment
  • Minimal and rare after-effects- Usually redness and skin irritation are there post-treatment that resolves in a few minutes or maximum in a couple of hours.  
  • Most effective and safe treatment for melasma patients- The technique uses a reliable top-hat beam profile and ultrashort pulse of laser that delivers light to dermal and epidermal layers. 
  • Enduring results that are noticed for months and sometimes even years.

How does laser toning work?

Laser toning treatment in Gurgaon involves the use of non-ablative laser Q-switched Nd: YAG that causes controlled injury in the skin dermis- middle skin layer without damaging or removing the superficial skin layers. The laser device targets concentrated light beams of specific wavelengths onto the skin to be treated, for a few microseconds. This light energy heats the skin dermis and encourages a natural response of the body to skin injury which causes new collagen synthesis.

Furthermore, the lasers work via the principle of selective photothermolysis to break down the extra melanin pigment produced by epidermal melanocytes. The pigment particles are later cleared from the skin and body with the help of the body’s immune system.

Q-switched Laser toning in Gurgaon is performed by either of two types of laser energy frequencies:

  • 534 nm- to treat hyperpigmentation and lighten or even out the skin tone
  • 1064nm- to encourage collagen production deep within the skin and restore the skin’s youthfulness.

Precautions and advice before the treatment

Strictly wear sun-protective clothing and apply broad-spectrum sunblock of SPF 30 above before starting laser toning treatment and thereafter throughout the treatment course.
Do proper priming of the skin with skin-lightening agents such as kojic acid, hydroquinone, and others at least 2-3 weeks beforehand.  
Go for a patch test to select the right fluence of a laser beam. Choose a laser with a large spot size, top-hat beam profile, and lower fluences for dark-skinned candidates.
Discontinue or avoid the consumption of blood thinning medications or supplements.
Avoid smoking and alcohol intake.   
Get the treatment parameters customised for yourself and your indication.

What to expect during laser toning treatment?

Firstly, the skin to be treated is cleaned and made free of dust, excess grease, and makeup. Topical anaesthesia may be used to numb the skin. Once the anaesthesia shows its effect, the laser beams of 1064 nm and 534 nm wavelengths from Q-switched Nd: YAG laser are focussed onto the affected skin for microseconds, to treat the targeted skin issue. At this time, the candidates usually report a feeling of a warm pin-prick sensation or a hot rubber band snapping against the skin, based on their skin tolerance level.

For candidates with sensitive skin, the pulse of select models of Q-switched Nd: YAG laser can be split into two with each directed onto the affected skin in an interval of 100 microseconds. After the lasers have covered the entire treatment site, soothing and hydrating creams or products containing hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C are applied. Overall laser toning procedure typically takes 20-30 minutes. The length of the treatment depends upon the size of the treatment area.

For most candidates, the results start to appear from the very first treatment session. For achieving successful skin lightening with laser toning, the candidates are recommended for 6-8 sessions in a minimum of a two-week gap.

Precautions after laser toning treatment

  • Strictly sun-protect the treated skin by daily applying broad-spectrum sunscreen of high SPF (as recommended by the doctor) and wearing sun-protective clothing before going outside in the morning or afternoon hours.
  • Avoid rubbing or scratching the treated skin. Apply prescribed irritation-free cream or lotion if the skin gets dry post-treatment.
  • Avoid going for any skin exfoliating and resurfacing treatments.
  • Use ice packs or cold compresses to get relief from swelling or any discomfort.
  • Follow a good skin care regimen to maintain the desired results.

Am I the right candidate for laser toning?

The suitable candidates for laser toning are individuals who:

  • Are men or women aged above 18 years old
  • Are healthy and have realistic expectations of the treatment
  • Are struggling with pigmentation issues and/or premature ageing concerns
  • Are willing to be committed to following a healthy lifestyle and sticking to their skin regimen
  • Are not pregnant or breas-t-feeding
  • Non-smokers.

Laser toning is not suitable for anyone having an active skin infection or sunburned/ tanned skin over the treatment area. It is also not meant for those who get seizures when exposed to light and who are experiencing abnormal healing of their wounds or keloid scarring. Furthermore, it is not recommended for diabetic people and pacemaker wearers. To confirm candidacy for undertaking laser toning for skin rejuvenation in Gurgaon, the candidates have to undergo a physical examination and even discuss their medical history with their concerned skin expert.

If one is interested in this skin glow treatment and wants to know the laser toning treatment cost in Gurgaon, they can consult the experts at SB Aesthetics.

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