Liposuction Surgery in Delhi

Liposuction Surgery Cost in Delhi range from Rs 70,000 - 2.5 Lakhs

Achieving an ideal body shape can be a very long and challenging process for many. Many people can reach the desired body weight but are not satisfied with the shape of their body. The isolated pockets of fats remain unchanged around specific body parts and affect one's overall appearance. Even after maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat are unresponsive to exercise and diet. With the help of liposuction surgery in Delhi, (also known as lipo, liposculpting, and lipoplasty) one can transform overall body contour and get the desired shape.

Liposuction is undoubtedly a popular body contouring treatment that removes excess fat deposits to slim and reshape specific target areas of the body. The surgery removes stubborn fat cells with the help of the fat melting and suction process. So, one can expect a slimming effect and a more proportional overall body contour.

The treatment is beneficial for people who want to get rid of exercise-resistant fat and improve their aesthetic appearance.

The surgery can remove up to 5 liters of fat in a single session depending on initial body weight and fat percentage. As the number of fat cells is constant in the body, once excess fat is removed by liposuction, the number of remaining fat cells remains the same. However, they can increase in size if one does not maintain stable weight and lifestyle.

People who have undergone massive weight loss also suffer from sagging excess skin. In such cases, liposuction alone may not give the optimum results in terms of body contouring and excision procedures like tummy tuck or brachioplasty need to be combined with liposuction to provide better aesthetic results. You can get the best and safest liposuction surgery in Delhi at SB Aesthetics Clinic. 

The ideal candidate for liposuction treatment

The first step to offer the most effective liposuction surgery in Delhi, we at SB Aesthetics ensure the patient’s candidacy for the treatment. The ideal candidates are: 

  • People with firm, elastic skin
  • Must be in a good state of health
  • People struggling to shed stubborn pockets of fat despite a healthy diet and exercise 
  • Have realistic expectations from the treatment
  • Both men and women above the age of 18 can undergo this surgery
  • Have stable body weight
  • Must not be suffering from an autoimmune disease or bleeding disorder.
  • Should not smoke or drink alcohol for at least a few weeks before and after the surgery. This helps in better and faster recovery.

Benefits of liposuction treatment

  • Minimal downtime
  • Increased physical activity
  • Better fit and more clothing options
  • Smooth curves and contours
  • Improved body posture and comfort
  • Improved confidence and self-esteem
  • Can target almost all the areas of the body
  • Can treat gynecomastia (accumulation of fat beneath a man's chest)
  • Can easily be combined with other cosmetic procedures (tummy tuck, body lift, breas-t reduction) to produce the desired aesthetic results and complete body transformation.

Body areas that can be treated with liposuction

  • Abdomen
  • Chest/ Breas-t
  • Arms
  • Flanks & Back
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Calves & Ankles
  • Double chin
  • Lower face
  • Neck



Liposuction is not a weight loss treatment but rather a body contouring treatment. It aims to remove fat from specific body parts, so the success of liposuction surgery in Delhi is measured in terms of inch loss and not weight loss.

Liposuction procedure

To achieve successful results from liposuction surgery in Delhi, the surgeon discusses with the patient their clear outline of overall goals associated with the surgery before the treatment. Then according to the body anatomy, fat deposits, patient’s age and medical history the treatment is planned to provide the optimum results while ensuring safety.

The treatment can take 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending upon the amount of fat to be removed, areas to be targeted and the complexity of the case.

  • In the first step, the target areas are marked and cleaned. The anesthesia is administered followed by tumescent fluid injection into targeted areas which includes saline solution combined with local anesthetic and a vasoconstrictor that helps control local blood flow.
  • After this if the surgeon prefers he/she can use ultrasonic probes to break the fat and then move on to the suction step. Ultrasonic or popularly called VASER lipo has advantages like better removal and draping of skin, there are several other methods which many surgeons across the world prefer like Power assisted liposuction or RFAL (Radiofrequency assisted liposuction)
  • Small tiny incisions are then made at the target site, and a hollow cannula (stainless steel tube) is introduced into the deep fat layer. The cannula is then moved in back and forth motion through the fat layer, which helps break the fat which is sucked out with a vacuum pump or syringe. The incision site is sutured followed by dressing and a special garment is worn for about a month to support the treated area. Depending on the area covered, the patient can go back home after a few hours of surgery or may need an overnight stay for monitoring.
  • One can see immediately improved body shape after treatment. However, there can be some swelling that will continue to reduce over the next 2-4 months. The best results can be seen 3-5 months after the surgery.
  • After treatment, the patient is strongly recommended to wear a compression garment to help reduce swelling and bruising for faster recovery. The garment supports the treated area and also helps the skin to retract better.
  • The skin is surprisingly elastic and will adapt to the new body contours after surgery. If in case there is very excess sagging skin, then skin lift (tummy tuck or body lift) treatment can be performed to remove excess skin.



General anesthesia can be used or intravenous sedation and local anesthesia is used for limited areas.



This is usually a daycare procedure and patients may leave the hospital on the same day of the surgery. However, liposuction done for weight loss is usually high volume liposuction and more monitoring is required so it may be advisable for the patient to stay in the hospital for the night.

Note* Liposuction surgery cost in Delhi, at SB Aesthetics, will vary depending on the patient’s needs and can be tailored to deliver the best results for each individual.

Liposuction Results

The result of liposuction treatment is long-lasting. The fat cells removed by liposuction do not grow back. However, to maintain the results lifelong, one must eat a healthy diet and follow an active lifestyle. 


Downtime required: 2-7 days



  • The patient must take proper rest
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Do not strain the target site
  • Do not scratch the treated area
  • Avoid activities that increase blood pressure
  • Take pain killers as prescribed to manage discomfort
  • Drink adequate amount of water, fruit juices to avoid dehydration
  • Make slight body movements after surgery as recommended by the doctor to prevent blood clot formation
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle to preserve the results of treatment and to avoid any uneven distribution of fat.
  • A compression garment is immediately put on depending on the area that has been liposuctioned. This also helps in reducing pain and blood loss. This Body garment should be worn at all times for the 4 weeks following the surgery.
  • The patients are encouraged to walk the same day and start doing their normal physical activities as soon as possible.

Possible Side Effects

Temporary bruising, swelling, numbness, soreness or burning sensations.


Liposuction done by trained plastic and cosmetic surgeons the possibility of risks and complications are minimised to a miniscule. However there may be Infection, asymmetry, rippling or looseness of the skin, pigmentation changes (hypo/hyper), injury to the skin, fluid retention and/or excessive loss of blood and fluids.


The patient is up and about the same day if the number of areas treated and the amount of fat removed is less. Going back to routine activities occurs in two to three days. The bruising takes about 10-14 days to settle. The compression garment will have to be worn for 4-6 weeks.


How Much Does Liposuction Surgery Cost in Delhi?

Liposuction Surgery Cost in Delhi range from Rs 70,000 - 2.5 Lakhs

The liposuction surgery cost in Delhi in every state and for each patient is different. It is calculated based on various factors. The factors include the type of liposuction procedure, the area (s) of the body being treated, the amount of fat to be removed, anaesthesia fees, techniques and types of equipment, pre-operative tests and consultations, post-operative care, and follow-up appointments. 

Let's find out how much different types of liposuction surgery for various body parts cost at SB Aesthetics.

Type of Liposuction 

Cost of Liposuction Surgery

Upper Back Liposuction

Rs 90,000 - 1.2 Lakhs

Lower Back Liposuction

Rs 90,000 - 1.2 Lakhs

Whole Back Liposuction

Rs. 1.8 Lakhs - 2.3 Lakhs

Abdomen + Flanks Liposuction

Rs. 1.8 Lakhs - 2.2 Lakhs

Arm Liposuction

Rs. 90,000 - 1.5 Lakhs

Butt Liposuction

Rs. 70,000 - 1 Lakhs

Outer Thigh Liposuction

Rs. 90,000 - 1.2 Lakhs

Inner Thigh Liposuction

Rs. 70,000 - 1.1 Lakhs

Whole Thigh Liposuction

Rs 2 Lakhs - 2.5 Lakhs

Calves Liposuction

Rs. 70,000 -  1 Lakhs

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Abdomen Liposuction | Belly Fat Removal Surgery | Dr. Shilpi Bhadani
Abdomen Liposuction | Belly Fat Removal Surgery | Dr. Shilpi Bhadani
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