Jaw Surgeries

Jaw Surgeries

Jaw surgery, medically termed Orthognathic surgery, is a corrective operation done to rectify jaw bone irregularities and realign the jaws and teeth to improve their functioning. Correcting the jaw may even improve the facial appearance.

Jaw surgery is only appropriate on a fully-grown jaw, usually in females aged 14-16 years and males aged 17-21 years. It’s a safe and effective surgery, only when performed by an experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Gurgaon at SB Aesthetics, often working hand-in-hand with an orthodontist in Gurgaon.

Benefits of Undergoing Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery can correct the alignment of the jaw and teeth and thus result in:

  • Better functioning of the teeth
  • The balanced appearance of the lower face
  • Improved speech
  • Improved sleep, breathing, chewing, and swallowing- These further provide many health benefits.
  • An aesthetically appealing face
  • Boosted self-esteem and confidence.

Different Kinds of Jaw Surgeries

  • Jaw reduction surgery- It is popular surgery in people having masculine, prominent jawlines and wishing to achieve a slender, feminine jawline. In this surgery, a disproportionate jaw that looks too wide from the frontal view is treated by shaving away the outer half of the jawbone with or without shaving of prominent masseter muscles. For the jaw looking too prominent from a side view, the surgeon shaves off the bottom border of the jawbone. In many cases, the prominent chin is also trimmed along with the jawline. To learn more on Jaw reduction surgery in Gurgaon one can learn more on this surgery with the famous face and jaw surgeon at SB Aesthetics.
  • Corrective Jaw Surgery- This orthognathic surgery in Gurgaon can benefit people having jaw irregularities, misaligned teeth, and facial asymmetries. It can be used to address aesthetic concerns like a congenital defect, protruding jaw, or an unbalanced facial look. For more information on Corrective Jaw Surgery in Gurgaon consult the expert jaw surgeon at SB Aesthetics.
  • Jaw surgery for trauma- This refers to the corrective jaw surgery done to fix the defects after facial trauma.
    This jaw trauma or corrective jaw surgery in Gurgaon is performed by a leading plastic surgeon at SB Aesthetics. One can make an appointment with the experts at the clinic to learn more about these procedures and how they can help to get back the look they always desired!

Why is Jaw Surgery done?

Jaw Surgery is performed to address the following concerns:

  • Speech problems
  • Troubled swallowing
  • Issues with chewing and biting
  • Bite problems or jaw closure issues
  • Facial asymmetry or imbalance such as small chin, overbite, underbite, and crossbite
  • Excess wear and breakdown of the teeth
  • Chronic pain caused by temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder and other jaw problems and headache
  • Facial injuries/trauma or birth defects such as cleft palate
  • Lips that cannot fully and comfortably close
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea, when other options fail
  • Dry mouth and chronic mouth breathing
  • Correct a small chin or bigger chin shape and bring it to more symmetry with the face.

What to expect from Jaw Surgery?

Jaw surgeries are usually performed under general anaesthesia and require 2-4 days of hospitalisation.

Once the anaesthesia takes effect, the surgeon starts with the jaw surgery by making incisions inside the mouth. Such incisions do not leave behind visible scars on the jaw, chin, and around the mouth. However, in some cases, a surgeon makes small cuts outside the mouth.

The jaw or maxillofacial surgeons in Gurgaon at SB Aesthetics makes cuts in the patient’s jawbones and correctly repositions them. After it's done, the surgeon makes use of tiny bone plates, wires, screws, and rubber bands to secure the jawbones into their new position. The screws are smaller than the brackets used for the braces. Over time, these screws get fused to the jawbone.

For some patients, the extra jawbone may be added to the jaw. The bones are taken from the hips, ribs, or legs and secured in the jaw using bone plates and screws. In other cases, the surgeon may reshape the jawbone to ensure a better fit.

Jaw surgery in Gurgaon may be carried out on the upper jaw, lower jaw, chin, or any combination of these sites. For some patients, the surgeon may even perform a TMJ surgery. The jaw surgery can be planned using 3-D modelling software on a computer.

  • Upper jaw surgery in Gurgaon: To correct a crossbite, open bite, notably receded or protruded upper jaw, excess or minimal visibility of the teeth, and midfacial hypoplasia- decreased facial growth of the central portion of the face, the surgeon performs maxillary osteotomy- an upper jaw surgery. During this surgery, the surgeon cuts the bone lying above the upper teeth and moves forward the mouth roof and upper teeth as a single unit. The entire upper jaw is moved to properly fit with the lower jaw. Sometimes, the patient would need to undergo additional dental work by an orthodontist to correct any difference in the fit. To fix an open bite, the surgeon shaves out or removes the extra bone growing above the molars. After the upper jaw is realigned, the surgeon uses bone plates and screws to secure the upper jaw in its new position. The incisions are closed with stitches.  
  • Lower jaw surgery in Gurgaon: For receding and protruding lower jaw, the surgeon performs a mandibular osteotomy- a surgery to readjust the position of the mandible- the lower jaw. In this type of orthognathic surgery in Gurgaon, the surgeon makes a lengthwise cut down to the jawbone, behind the molars, in such a way that the front of the jaw can be moved forward or backward as a single unit. After the jaw is repositioned, the surgeon uses bone plates and screws to secure the jawbone as it heals. Lastly, incisions are closed with sutures.
  • Chin surgery in Gurgaon: A small or deficient chin often goes along with a significantly receding lower jaw. In such cases, the surgeon performs a chin surgery called genioplasty to restructure the chin and at the same time alter the lower jaw. During this surgery, the surgeon cuts a section of the chin bone present in front of the lower jaw, moves it forward, and holds together the chin structure and lower jaw in a new position with bone plates and screws. Finally, the incisions are stitched close.

After surgery

Following jaw surgery, the candidates may experience temporary, mild side effects such as pain and swelling and eating problems. They may take a brief time to adjust themselves to a new facial appearance.

After any jaw surgery, the candidates must follow post-surgery care instructions, including:

  • Avoid chewing and smoking tobacco.
  • Take prescribed medications to get relief from pain.
  • Do not get indulged in strenuous exercises or put any kind of pressure on the lower face.
  • Daily practise good oral hygiene practices.
  • Plan and follow the diet plan as the doctor or dietician suggests.
  • Return to school or work, usually in 1-3 weeks.

Initial healing of the jaw typically is seen in about six weeks post-surgery. However, final recovery can take up to 12 weeks. After initial healing, the teeth are completely realigned with braces. Retainers may replace the braces to hold the teeth' position.

Consult the face plastic surgeons at SB Aesthetics to learn more about the benefits and cost of jaw surgery in Gurgaon, India, in detail. The cost range will be different from patient to patient and if one is undergoing such type of surgery the fact that matters is the surgeon’s experience and patient safety. At SB Aesthetics, the surgeon male sure the patient is in safe hands.

To learn more, visit SB Aesthetics!

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