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Hair Transplant in Delhi

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi ranges from Rs. 90,000 - 1.6 Lakhs.

SB Aesthetics is a renowned clinic for hair transplant in Delhi, offering popular hair restorative cosmetic treatments. During a hair transplant procedure, naturally occurring follicular unit grafts are taken from donor area like the back of the scalp (hair follicles with a lower level of DHT receptors) and then placing the graft in the area of balding or hair thinning or area of trauma. 

Hair loss is caused by various reasons like, such as androgenic alopecia (male pattern baldness), injury to the scalp, inflammation of the scalp, burns, genetic factors, hormonal changes, etc. The treatment is carried out to mimic natural hair growth.

Hair transplantation is a proven and extremely successful technique, and the replanted hairs are resistant to balding, and the results are long-lasting. The hair graft can have one to four hairs in them, and the degree of baldness or hair thinning determines how many grafts are required to provide satisfactory results. In this treatment, the hairs are transplanted strategically, so the result of the hair transplant is undetectable and looks completely natural.

Before performing the treatment, the surgeon evaluates the patient's physical health, medical history, hair growth pattern, the extent of hair loss, the hair loss history in the family, past surgeries, current medications, and also conducts medical blood tests to determine one's candidacy and suitability for the procedure. 

Depending upon the severity of the condition, the surgeon chooses the surgery most appropriate for the patient.

Hair transplantation treatment is not a cure for hair loss, but it will cover the bald scalp, and in people, if hair loss is severe, then in such a case, the surgery is combined with medical treatments to slow down the balding process. Get the best hair transplant in Delhi at the leading facility, SB Aesthetics, and restore your hair to its previous state.

Ideal candidates for Hair Transplantation

  • Both men and women.
  • People suffering from male or female pattern baldness
  • Above 18 years of age
  • Want to improve overall aesthetic appearance and regain confidence
  • Men or women who want to restore or change the shape of their hairline
  • Men and women who want hair in an area where they have little or no hair
  • Non-smoker and non-alcoholic
  • People who want crown area restoration
  • Correct scalp scarring camouflage
  • Not suffering from any platelet blood disorder
  • Have realistic expectations from the treatment

Types of the hair transplantation procedure

SB Aesthetics is known for providing the best hair transplant in Delhi by the best hair transplant surgeons. Consult with Dr. Shilpi Bhadani for the hair transplant cost in delhi.

1. FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
FUT is the most common treatment used for hair loss and thinning hair. In this method, a strip of hair is extracted from the back of the scalp. The grafts are cleaned and divided into follicular units that contain 1-4 hairs per unit. This process is performed under high magnification to ensure graft survival. Once the unit grafts are prepared, tiny slits are made on the scalp, on the recipient site, and the grafts are placed. To get effective results from a hair transplant in India, the surgeon carefully and precisely makes the arrangement and positioning of the grafts so that the transplanted hair looks natural. The area from where the strip is extracted is stitched using sutures.

2. FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
This procedure performed by a small punch to remove hair grafts. The implantation of grafts is in the same way as the FUT procedure. The surgery leaves very tiny punch hole scars instead of a fine line scar that comes from FUT treatment. Both the scars are concealed when the hair grows back and does not affect one's appearance.

The surgeon carefully replants the graft in the correct angle and direction and designs the hairlines strategically so that the treatment offers natural-looking results.

The hairs present on the back and side of the head are not usually prone to balding and have stronger hair follicles. Hair transplant in India can take 4–8 hours and are usually performed using local anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The patient can go back home a few hours after the treatment.

It usually takes 3- 5 months for the transplanted follicles to start growing into new hair. The new hair that grows initially is thin and gradually becomes thicker and fuller.

Hair Transplantation Procedure

A hair transplant in Delhi done at SB Aesthetics begins with the patient being administered local anaesthesia at the donor and recipient sites. In the first step, the entire scalp is cleaned with the help of an antibacterial agent. Then the grafts are removed depending upon the type of hair transplantation. Then the next step is grafting, and the grafts are placed as per the density. Hair transplantation can be completed in a single session or may require multiple sessions. To get the best and most natural-looking hair transplant in India, consult our expert surgeon. 

Hair Transplantation Results

After the hair transplantation treatment, it can take up to four months to start showing the results. Some of the transplanted hair fall out after some weeks and then regrow again, but the hair roots remain intact. So, one must not worry if they experience hair fall after hair transplantation treatment.

Once the hair starts to regrow, they look natural. After the hair transplantation, the doctor also recommends undergoing growth factor and mesotherapy treatment to provide more strength to the transplanted hair.

If one is suffering from extensive baldness and has less donor area. In such a case, hair from the beard, chest, shoulder, and other body areas are used to carry out the hair transplant method.

The final hair transplant cost in India depends on a wide range of factors. These include the credentials of the hair transplant doctor, the type of procedure performed, the number of grafts, the grade of baldness, etc. The full estimate can be obtained by consulting the expert surgeon at SB Aesthetics.


Apply ice bags or cold compresses in the donor area and over the forehead (not over the graft) to manage swelling

To get the maximum results from the most effective and the best hair transplant in Delhi, the surgeon offers the following aftercare guidelines:

  • Hair is washed with a diluted shampoo after five to six days in a specific manner without disturbing the grafts
  • Avoid strenuous activity, swimming, and exercise for three to four weeks
  • Consume the antibiotics as prescribed to avoid any infection
  • Follow the postoperative instructions advised by the doctor
  • Take pain medication as prescribed
  • Sleep in a semi-upright position, taking 2-3 pillows
  • Do not rub or scratch at the graft sites 
  • Keep away the scalp from the sun 
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol
  • Avoid stress
  • Stay hydrated.

What is the Hair Transplant cost in Delhi, India

Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi ranges from Rs. 90,000 - 1.6 Lakhs.

Factors affecting hair transplant cost in India are:-

  • The stage of baldness.
  • Type of Hair Transplant Technique
  • Number of Grafts Required
  • Surgeon’s expertise
  • Additional Treatments or Services

The hair transplant cost in Delhi at SB Aesthetics is below based on the number of grafts.

Number of Grafts

Cost of Hair Transplant

1500 - 2400 grafts

Rs. 90,000 - 1,10,000

2500 - 4000 grafts

Rs. 1.2 Lakhs - 1.5 Lakhs

> 4000 grafts

Rs. 1.3 Lakhs - 1.6 Lakhs

To learn more and to get the best and most effective hair transplant cost in India, book a consultation with our expert hair transplant surgeon at SB Aesthetics now!

How Hair Transplant Works | Procedure of Hair Transplant | Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon
Hair Transplant Procedure, Methods & Recovery Time
How Hair Transplant Works | Procedure of Hair Transplant | Hair Transplant Clinic in Gurgaon
Hair Transplant Procedure, Methods & Recovery Time
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