Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover Surgery in Delhi, India

Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost in Delhi range from Rs. 4.5 Lakhs - 7.5 Lakhs

Women's bodies face many physical changes after their pregnancy and during child-raising years. Sometimes, they cannot reduce excess fat bags and skin folds of the body even by performing vigorous exercise and dieting. This may cause stress and fatigue and make them look older than they actually are. A ‘Mommy Makeover’ is defined as a combination of aesthetic improvement treatments that help women achieve a more youthful and curvier body shape. It combines several plastic surgical procedures into a single effort that helps a woman’s body to ‘turn back the clock’ after she has completed childbirth following the stress of pregnancy and done breas-tfeeding. After childbearing, the abdominal and breas-t muscles become lax, and the skin starts to lose elasticity. Another concern is the accumulation of excess fat in the back and thighs area and upper arms and the formation of stretch marks on the abdominal area.

An effective mommy makeover surgery in India, at SB Aesthetics, involves combining a Tummy Tuck, Breas-t Augmentation, Body Lift, Liposuction, Breas-t Implant, Genital Rejuvenation, and many more. All these techniques revitalize the look of the women and help them to restore their pre-pregnancy body shape. Mommy makeover enhances self-esteem and renews the body after childbirth.

Procedures involved in Mommy Makeover treatment

A combination of cosmetic surgery procedures involved in mommy makeover are:


1. Tummy tuck or abdominoplasty: Women suffering from sagging skin, lax abdominal muscle and excess fat on their abdomen area can get a tummy tuck done to improve their body shape. This is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat and hanging skin from the abdomen area. This procedure also helps in the tightening of muscles of the abdomen. After this surgery, a woman can experience tightened and stronger abdominal muscles, as well as a slimmer look.

2. Liposuction: This procedure improves the body's appearance by shedding off the excess fat and helping them regain back well-toned body shape. This surgery helps to enhance the contours or shape of the body.

3. Breas-t reduction: For pendulous breas-t with excess volume, excess skin, muscles, and fat that cause sagging or drooping of the breas-t are removed to provide a more shapely, lifted breas-t with reduction in total size.

4. Mastopexy or breas-t lift: Breas-tfeeding and aging can cause the breas-t to droop or sag. In this surgery, the aim is to tighten the skin and breas-t tissue and restore the position of breas-t and nipple for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

6. Breas-t augmentation: Small volume or asymmetric breas-t can affect the feminine look of many women. In this procedure, an implant or fat obtained by liposuction is used to enhance, restore, and reform its size and shape.

7. Genital Rejuvenation: Women experience loosening in their reproductive tract after delivery. Rejuvenation surgeries help restore their feminine health. These procedures are directed towards restoring the tract to nearly its pre- pregnancy form.

The procedures provided depend on the needs of the individual patient. The surgeon analyses the patient's health and physical condition and determines exactly what procedure or combination of procedures will best help the patient meet their goals.

To achieve effective outcomes from mommy makeover surgery in Delhi, the patient must follow the surgeon's advice. The patient must stop smoking and alcohol consumption and stop consuming anti-inflammatory drugs or certain herbal supplements to reduce the risk of bleeding during the treatment.

The right time to get a Mommy Makeover

It is good to wait least for at least six months after childbirth before undergoing any surgeries or better still, wait for a year after childbirth. Before undergoing a mommy makeover, one should follow a healthy lifestyle, which helps them maintain long-lasting results after the treatment. However, a mommy makeover surgery in Delhi, India, performed at SB Aesthetics, restores the face and body's physical appearance that reinforces a positive attitude to the women.


Ideal candidates for Mommy Makeover

  • Patient in a good state of health
  • Have realistic expectations from the treatment
  • Women unsatisfied with their post-pregnancy appearance
  • Women who have completed their family
  • Women who want to restore their pre-baby body after childbirth and boost their self-confidence
  • When one cannot achieve the desired muscle tone in the midsection area due to abdominal muscle separation
  • Suffering from back pain due to enlarged droopy breas-t
  • Suffering from leaky urine problems due to loosening of reproductive tract muscles after childbirth.

The length of the mommy makeover procedure depends on the number of surgeries being combined. Sometimes, surgeons recommend performing these surgeries in stages.The mommy makeover surgery cost in Delhi, India, can be determined by a range of factors. The main factor that affects the cost of the surgery is which procedures are included. Other factors include the surgeon’s fees, surgical garments, anesthesia fees, and many more. A full estimate of the cost can be obtained after consulting with the leading surgeon at SB Aesthetics.


Benefits of Mommy Makeover treatment

  • Long-lasting results
  • Positive effect on the self-esteem
  • Provide relief from back and neck pain
  • Restore a youthful bust and flat tummy
  • Combine two or more treatments during one surgery
  • Removes the skin stretching in the abdomen
  • Corrects deflated and sagging breas-t area
  • Personalized treatment as according to an individual need because every woman’s body changes in different ways
  • The appearance of stretch marks is also reduced as some stretch marks present in the sagging skin are removed during the surgery.

Recovery period

To get successful outcomes from a mommy makeover surgery in India, the patient must wear the compression garment and follow the surgeon’s advice to ensure early recovery post-surgery. During the initial weeks, it is important that a patient must not exert themselves.


The recovery period will depend on the type and number of procedures performed, as well as your body's ability to heal. Typically, recovering from a mommy makeover takes about 4-8 weeks.



Depending upon the type of treatment provided, the patient must follow the precautions recommended by their surgeons.

  • Wear compression garments designed for support and protection
  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet
  • Avoid constipation and eat a fiber-rich diet
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Avoid activities that increase blood pressure
  • Sleep in the position as advised by the surgeon
  • Do not scratch the treated site
  • Go back to your physical activities with the guidance of your surgeon.
  • Stay hydrated and avoid stress



Along with mommy makeover treatment, one can also opt for facial aesthetic treatments. This includes a wide range of non-surgical and surgical treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, fillers, fat grafting, facelift, neck lift, brow lift, blepharoplasty for a rejuvenated and younger look.

How Much Does Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost in Delhi?

Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost in Delhi range from Rs. 4.5 Lakhs - 7.5 Lakhs

Mommy makeover surgery involves varied procedures such as breast vaginal rejuvenation, breast enhancement, liposuction, tummy tuck, and more. Several factors will determine the cost of mommy makeover surgery. It involves factors like the type of procedures, pre-operative tests and consultations, post-operative care and follow-up appointments, the techniques and equipment used, and many more. 

To get the best and most affordable mommy makeover surgery cost in Delhi, consult Dr. Shilpi Bhadani at SB Aesthetics Clinic

Mommy Makeover
Mommy Makeover
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