Immediate Dental Implants

Immediate Dental Implants

Have you got a severely decayed tooth that can’t be saved with root canal treatment or you have lost your teeth to an injury? Immediate Dental Implants in Gurgaon offered at SB Aesthetics are an ideal solution to restore your extracted or missing one or more teeth!

What are Immediate Dental Implants?

Immediate dental implants are high-tech missing tooth or teeth replacements that a restorative dentist fits immediately after tooth extraction. The process of getting immediate dental implants is also known as same-day implants.

If one is interested in getting immediate dental implants or same-day implants in Gurgaon they can get their smile restored by getting in touch with the dental implant experts at SB Aesthetics.

When is it possible to get Immediate Dental Implants?

Just as traditional dental implants, immediate dental implants are needed by anyone having one or more missing teeth. However, not every such individual is a suitable candidate for immediate dental implant surgery. They can only undertake it when:

  • They have enough jawbone intact around their failing teeth.
  • They don’t have gums growing down into the missing tooth socket following tooth loss due to an injury. When a tooth is lost because of an injury, it’s important to get immediate dental implants loaded within just a few days.
  • They have a healthy mouth and an infection-free jawbone at the site of the missing tooth.
  • They are physically fit and an adult.
  • They do not want to undergo multiple dental surgeries.
  • They are non-smokers and non-alcohol abusers.  

During an initial consultation, the restorative dentist in Gurgaon at SB Aesthetics helps determine the appropriateness of the patient for the surgery.

What to Expect from Immediate Dental Implant Surgery?

Immediate Loaded Dental Implant Surgery is a combined simpler surgery involving tooth extraction and simultaneous placement of the implant system. In immediate Dental Implant Surgery in Gurgaon, the patients are first provided with local anaesthesia to numb the surgical site.

After a tooth is extracted, the surgeon drills the jawbone progressively with different burr sizes as per the width of the implant that is going to be placed. Then, the titanium post, serving as the fake tooth root, is inserted into the drilled hole of the jawbone to secure it in place.

The surgeon temporarily secures a healing abutment on top of the implant and maintains it until the implant fuses with the jawbone. Healing abutment aka healing cuffs or caps helps the gum tissues to heal around the implant site. This usually happens in 4 to 6 weeks. The osseointegration i.e. fusion of the implant with jawbone, usually takes place in 4 to 6 months. Once the healing period is over, a healing abutment is replaced with the final abutment. This is done only after taking moulds of the teeth, jaw, and abutment. The moulds or impressions are taken to custom design the final prosthesis that will be placed over the implant. Till then, the patients get a temporary prosthesis or the artificial tooth on the implant simultaneously placed to the healing abutment.

During the healing period, restorative dentists in Gurgaon start making permanent prostheses in a dental laboratory based on the model of the mouth of the patient. The model of the patient’s mouth is created using the moulds. All of this may take several weeks. Once the permanent prosthesis is ready, the surgeon calls the patient to place the permanent prosthesis. Follow-up visits may be needed to make necessary adjustments to the new tooth.

What benefits of getting Immediate Dental Implants?

There are many advantages of having Immediate Dental Implants. These include:

  • It’s possible to get immediate functional and aesthetic complete smile restoration in a single dental visit. It omits the second-stage surgery.
  • It is an advanced approach to developing soft tissue sites for the restoration of a single lost tooth.
  • It saves the patient’s time until the final prosthesis is ready.
  • It spares the patient’s surgery right. No one would like to go through added discomfort caused by long-haul times in completing the overall missing tooth replacement, especially if tooth loss is in the aesthetic zone. Immediate dental implants have proven to be favourable to both the surgeon and the patient with enhanced comfortability.
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Immediate dental implant surgery is more accurate. This means the implant is positioned almost precisely in the place where the broken tooth’s root was. Thus, there are no restorative issues.
  • There is a lot of bleeding following tooth extraction. When immediately the implant is loaded in the extraction site, the blood present there provides better healing of the implant and thus more jawbone growth.  
  • There is no need for bone grafting and augmentation, thus it provides the patient with less-invasive surgical experience.
  • It is more acceptable to the patients other than removable substitutes.
  • It properly preserves adjacent papillae contributing to a final aesthetic smile.
  • It reduces the resorption of the crestal jawbone.

What are the criteria required to become a suitable candidate for immediate dental implants?

To get an immediate dental implant, it’s important for the patient to fulfil the following criteria:

  • have an absence of widespread infection on or around the missing tooth
  • have sufficient jawbone to lock the jawbone in place
  • have an atraumatic or gentle tooth extraction
  • be medically healthy both overall and especially in oral health
  • be committed to following carefully post-operative instructions provided by the restorative dentist.

The cost of immediate dental implants can vary based on patient's needs and complexity of the case. To get more insights on immediate dental implants cost in Gurgaon, schedule an appointment with the dental implant surgeon at SB Aesthetics.

What post-operative care is required for immediate dental implants?

Following the immediate loading of dental implants, the patient must:

  • Take prescribed painkillers to get relief from mild pain or discomfort and sometimes swelling at the surgical site and even take antibiotics to prevent infections.
  • Have ample rest after the surgery for two.
  • Follow a proper diet regimen including soft, cold foods and drinks on the day of surgery, and start eating normal meals only after the placement of the implant. Avoid sticky and hard items.
  • Refrain from spitting, rinsing, and sucking as well as not repeated touching of the surgical site with tongue or fingers.
  • Avoid smoking, tobacco chewing, and alcohol consumption for effective, rapid healing of the surgical site.

To get the benefits of this amazing tooth loss treatment in Gurgaon, do consult the experts at SB Aesthetics. Schedule a visit today to learn more!

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